Why international spell bee


Imagine you are in a group, you are asked to spell a word. You spell it absolutely right, everything is normal. In other case, you find the word difficult and spelt the word wrong. Not only you spelt the word wrong, you attracted the entire group. You yourself put an image of you like an unprofessional in the society. Being a professional, everyone will meet a situation like this. This proves how important for us to be strong in the Vocabulary. International Spell Bee Olympiad proudly presents you the strong foundation for your language skills. With us, the child’s practical knowledge paves the way of knowing about different subjects and letting them dig deeper into subject which is difficult to go through theoretical knowledge.


The type of questions we are asking in International Spell Bee competition will force the students

  • To think deeper for the answers and thus exposing the practical knowledge of the students. In fact they can improve their practical knowledge.
  • Will build competitive spirit among the students so that students always try to achieve better not only with in this but also in their life.
  • Embrace the power of digital technology for writing exams from their base. 
  • Will build a foundation for different competitive exams like IELTS, GRE, GMAT  etc.,
  • Encourage students to go for practical knowledge in Olympiads rather than routine learning.

Be a part of Innovation Revolution with International Spell Bee Olympiad

We can proudly announce to this globe that  International Spell Bee Olympiad is striving hard to make the students of this generation into innovators of future generations and handover to the society.

We are requesting the young talent of this generation to be part of our mission in handing over the best innovators to the society.


We would like to convey our special thanks to all our sponsors who are associated with us. They play a vital role in running this competition without any obstacles. Without them it would not have been possible for us in building this global mission.


International Spell bee Olympiad is far different from the other spell bee competitions

  • We prefer Online mode.
  • We provide flexibility to students in selecting the slot of the examination.
  • Entire focus is on Conceptual thinking. We already forgot the Routine learning and we encourage the people to do the same.
  • Allow the students to go individually or through the school preparation. Thus benefiting the students, whose studying school is not registered with us.
  • We provide complimentary practice exams, thus allowing the students to get used to the type of questions asked in the examination.


  • Conducted for the Grades                         1-8 Grades
  • Mode of the Examination                         Online & Offline
  • Mode of Registration                                Individually & through Schools
  • Levels in the Examination                        One
  • Type of the questions asked                     Multiple Choice questions & Audio based questions
  • Duration                                                       60 minutes 


Students from Grade 1-8 studying in India and Residing outside India are eligible to take this exam


Registrations for Individuals: Students can register individually through the link. Students are advised to go through all the rules and regulations once before Registering.   

Registrations of Students through School:  International Spell Bee Olympiad will send required registration forms to the registered schools. Schools after duly filling the application are requested to return them within the due date. If schools are not registered with us then Please send an email to *** 

Also for the bulk registrations Schools are requested to fill up the student details in this Bulk Registration Sheet and email to us on: contact@internationalspellbee.com

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