Grade 6


Grade 6 International Spell Bee competition


Class 6 Spell Bee is open to all students who are studying in grade 6 in any school across the globe.


The type of questions we are asking in International Spell Bee competition will force the students

  • To think deeper for the answers and thus exposing the practical knowledge of the students. In fact they can improve their practical knowledge.
  • Will build competitive spirit among the students so that students always try to achieve better not only with in this but also in their life.
  • Embrace the power of digital technology for writing exams from their base. 
  • Will build a foundation for different competitive exams.
  • Encourage students to go for practical knowledge in Olympiads rather than routine learning.

How to Participate

Students can participate in the competition by registering themselves individually or through School registration in the link here.

Students are advised to go through the rules and regulations before applying.


 80% of questions of the test will come from the word list below.

STEM Words: agrarian, apiculture, artery, bone, cartilage, conservation, conversation, cowshed, cultivation, cultivator, deforestation, equipment, exploitation, farmland, femur, ferry, fishery, freight, funnel, galaxy, gland, haulage, horticulture, husbandry, immunology, intestine, irrigation, kidney, ligament, liver, livestock, logistics, malnutrition, manure, measure, meteorology, nerve, observatory, pancreas, pasture, peninsula, pesticide, petroleum, pipette, plateau, plough, pollution, portable, preservation, printer, sandpaper, scanner, seismology, shipment, shuttle, skeleton, skull, spleen, stylus, telecommunication, tissue, vertebrate

Professionals/Doctors: anaesthesiologist, cardiologist, collector, dermatologist, gynaecologist, mathematician, nephrologist, neurologist, obstetrician, oncologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, pastor, paediatrician, pharmacist, professor, psychiatrist, radiologist, receptionist, veterinarian, waitress

Government and Economy: amendment, census, citizenship, debt, defence, demonstration, document, election, electorate, executive, government, representative, troupe

Education: guidance, literacy, pedagogy, progress, schooling, vocabulary, vocation

Words from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: blubber, campaign, demonstrate, extinguisher, gimmick, Halloween, intelligence, legitimate, neighbourhood, pretzel, sarcastic, treasurer, underneath

Prefix: ante(date, etc.), de(motivate, etc.), dis(integrate, etc.), epi(dermis, etc.), fore(word, etc.), hyper(active, etc.), im(patient, etc.), main(land, etc.), mis(interpret, etc.), omni(potent, etc.), para(dox, etc.), re(unite, etc.), semi(conscious, etc.), sub(merge, etc.), thermo(meter, etc.), under(graduate, etc.), up(bringing, etc.), un(desirable, abashed, abated, abridged, principled, etc.) re(former, try, etc.) in(sufficient, ability, accuracy, activity, action, etc.), dis(abuse, ablement, junction, honest, etc.)

Suffix (acy, al, ary, gamy, hood, ial, ist, ment, ship): fall(acy), accident(al), fiction(al), region(al), second(ary), poly(gamy), child(hood), mother(hood), editor(ial), hero(ism), art(ist), accomplish(ment), refine(ment), scholar(ship), grate(ful), dread(ful), appear(ance), perform(ance), national(ity), acknowledge(ment), express(ion), remark(able), achieve(ment), endur(ance), amuse(ment), arrange(ment), annoy(ance), regret(fully), regrett(able), regret(ful), access(ible), transfer(able), impression(able), accept(able), friendli(ness), friendless, friend(ly), require(ment)

Adjectives: abundant, acceptable, acceptance, accessible, accompany , advantageous, adventurous, aggressive, agricultural, amiable, ample, ancient, anonymous, antique, anxious, apparent, apparent, arid, arrogant, barren, bemused, beneficial, biodegradable, biological, bizarre, boisterous, burning, burnt , cautious, challenging, changeable, chronological, civic, classic, climactic , clumsy, comfortable, commercial, compact, competent, complicated, concise, conspicuous, constant, contagious, contemporary, continuous, convenient, cordial, courageous, courteous , crowded, cumulative, cunning, curious, dangerous, defiant, delicious, dense, desperate, desperate, diligent, dimension, disastrous, distinct, distinguished, drastic, educative, eerie, efficient, embarrassing, enthusiastic, equivalent, ethical, ethnic, ethnic, excellent, extinct, extraordinary, extraordinary, fabulous, faithful, federal, federal, feeble, feminine, fierce, flamboyant, floral, forbidden, fundamental, further, futile, gaseous, generous, glamorous, handsome, haughty, hazardous, hilarious, hoarse, horrible, hostile, imaginative, immanent, immediate, immense, imminent, indecisive, indulgent, inept, inevitable, ingenious, innocent, interim, interior, jealous, jovial, languid, legislative, lethal, literal, massive, maximum, meagre, mediocre, mere, mischievous, miserable, monotonous, naturalistic, nervous, nimble , noisy, numerous, obstinate, onward, operational, optimistic, partial, popular, powerful, precious, precise, preferable, preliminary, primitive, proclaim, professional, prominent, puny, recyclable, redundant, reluctant, remote, resolute, rhythmic, rigorous, rural, rustic, sanitary, satisfactory, scientific, significant, solar, spacious, splendid, squeaky, squeaky, stationary, studious, stylish, subsequent, superior, suspicious, swollen, systematic, tangible, treacherous, unanimous, unbelievable, undernourished, unique, unique, unitary, unruly, unsuccessful, unsustainable, urban, vague, vibrant, vital

Adverbs: accidentally, alternatively, consequently, desperately, especially, immediately, internally, obviously, scarcely, separately, sincerely

Nouns: abortion, abroad, access, acknowledgement, acquaintance, admiration, adolescent, adventure, advertising, advocate, aggravation, agony, alimony, allegiance, allergy, alliance, alternative, ambition, amendment, anecdote, anguish, anguish, anxiety, apparel, appliance, aquifer, arena, aristocracy, assent, assumption, attorney, audience, authority, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, bard, bartender, beacon, bibliography, biodiversity, bough, boulevard, breath, butcher, capability, capacity, caravan, caution, ceiling, cemetery, ceremony, chamber, choir, chunk, citation, clarification, clarity, climate, coalition, commander, commentary, commerce, commoner, component, composure, concentration, conclusion, confectioner, conflict, consensus, consent, consequence, conservationist, contentment , context, controversy, convenience, convention, convoy, correspondent, couplet, coupon, crisis, defendant, deluge, descendant, despair, dialogue, discretion, discrimination, disgust, dissent, distinction, diversity, dynasty, echo , edition, effectiveness, elegy, elevator, emergency, emigration, enterprise, environmentalist, equipment, esteem, ethics, excess, excuse, executive, existence, expanse, expedition , experience, exploration, explosion, exposure, extinction, fantasy, faucet, fence, freckle, genre, gesture, glimpse, governor, gratitude, grief, guilty, habitat, hairdryer, hangar, harmony, headache, hive, hoax, hygiene, hyphen, illusion, independence, influence, ingenious, ingredient, injury, innovation, intermission, investigation, invitation, judiciary, kennel, kiosk, knack, league, leeway, legislation, leisure, liberty, likeness, locality , longevity, majority, manor, marriage, mechanic, migration, mileage, millionaire, miniature, minute, misery , missile, morale, museum, myth, nobility, nursery , obstacle, omniscient, onset, optimism, orchestra, paragraph, parody, patient, peak, pedestrian, penalty, phantom, pharmacist, poverty, predicament, preface, prejudice, pressure, priority, psychology, quest, questionnaire, refuge, remorse, requirement, rogue , sailor, salvage, sanctuary, sapling, siege, significance, situation, souvenir, specification, spree, subordinate, superintendent, surface, swarm, sword, tannery, teaspoon, terrain, thorn, trait, trophy, variety, vault, vegetable, verdict, verdict, verge, villain, violence, volley, vow, wrinkle

Verbs: abandon, abstain, accommodate, accommodate, accomplish, accumulate, acknowledge, acquire, adapt, adhere, adjourn, afford, anticipate, anticipate, appeal, appoint, ascend, attribute, blemish, boycott, breathe, capture, cheapen, collaborate, collapse, collide, commend, compose, compromise , concede, conquer, conserve, contaminate, crackle, cringe, crouch, cultivate, deceive, demonstrate, deplete, deposit, designate, deteriorate, diminish, disassemble, dissemble, dissolve, distinguish, dominate, dwell, elaborate, elude, embitter, embolden, engrave, enhance, envy, escape, evaporate, evolve, exaggerate, exaggerate, excel, excel, exhibit, exhort, exploit, express, falter, faze , finance, flaunt, gaze, grimace, guarantee, hammer, harness, ignite, immigrate, improvise, interrogate, interrupt, intimidate, liberate, license, linger, loathe, lure, manipulate, marvel, mesmerise, mimic, misbehave, mumble, neglect, negotiate, originate, perceive , permeate, persecute, persuade, persuade, plummet, plunder, possess, predict, propel, prosecute, prosper, provoke, pursue, quiver, quote, recount, reinforce, respite, restrain, retaliate, retrieve, shudder, snore, soothe, sprinkle, sprout, squawk, 

straggle, strive, struggle, supplement, terminate, transform, transform, transport, vacate, vaccinate, vacillate, vanquish, wreathe, wrestle, yarn, yield

Synonyms: abstinence- sobriety, affinity- accord, bewilder-perplex, conscious-aware, dilapidated- shabby, disciple-follower, embellish-decorate, evoke- stimulate, fatigue-tiredness, gratitude-thankful, hilarious- hysterical, humility-humble, persuade-convince, scatter-disperse, unlucky-unfortunate

Antonyms: admonish- acclaim, afflict-please, applaud-blame, bliss- agony, compulsory-voluntary, courage-cowardice, courteous-discourteous, desperate- hopeful, desultory- methodical, embarrass-delight, generous-stingy, impervious- penetrable, important-trivial, servile-dominant

Proverbs: A bad excuse is better than none at all, A drowning man will clutch at a straw, A fool may earn money, but it takes a wise man to spend it, A friend’s frown is better than a fool’s smile, A man in debt is caught in a net, A rolling stone gathers no moss, A wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Appearances can be deceptive, Barking dogs seldom bite, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick, Cowards die many times before their death, Discretion is the better part of valour, Don’t place all your eggs in one basket, Familiarity breeds contempt, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

Idioms: a blessing in disguise, a flash in the pan, birds of a feather flock together, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, don’t cry over spilt milk, drag one’s feet, face the music, get a taste of your own medicine, go against the grain, hand in glove, hold your horses, move heaven and earth, play devil’s advocate, the devil is in the details, the elephant in the room, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, turn a deaf ear, when pigs fly

Compound Words: adjustable, backspace, bulkhead, changeable, comfortable, considerable, disagreement, farmhouse, farmyard, fashionable, framework, full moon, gallstone, gearshift, handcuff, headquarters, honeycomb, honourable, keystroke, moreover, noticeable, omnipotent, pay check, quarrelsome, serviceable, shortbread, sundown, sunstroke, superego, tailcoat, turnkey, unbelievable, undercharge, undercover, upmarket, upstream, warfare, warlike, washboard, widespread

Homonyms & Homophones: alter-altar, compliment- complement, course-coarse, elicit-illicit, eminent-imminent, flower-flour, grown-groan, hoarse-horse, loan-lone, match-match, meddle-medal, meet-meat, pale-pail, peace-piece, principle-principal, weak-week

Words with Silent Letters: apostle, circuit, colonel, consign, diaphragm, feign, gnaw, hedge, hymn, knuckle, pneumonia, raspberry, wrestle, yolk

Double Letter Words: allegiance, applaud, battalion, battalion, brilliant, dissolve, illusion, illustration, obsession, occasion, occult, seer, skiing, strolling, summit, unforgettable, upkeep, webbed

Evil Words (Words likely to be spelt incorrectly): gaggle, obstacle, optimism, precipitation, renaissance, scrubber, shoal

Dates and fee 

Last Date for Registration17th March 2024 for 31st March Exam date and 1st April 2024 for 15th April Exam date
Date of Mock Test 20th March 2024 00:01AM to 14th April 2024 11:00PM. A Mock test will be available between these dates for students to attempt, students can start anytime between these dates, but once started exam will end in its pescribed time limit of 1 hr.
Time of ExamExam will be available for 24hrs on 31st March and 15th April (whichever date student opted), students can start anytime between those 24hrs, but once started exam will end in its pescribed time limit of 1 hr.
Date of Final Exam (Option 1)31st March 2024
Date of Final Exam (Option 2)15th April 2024
Date of resultsGenerally, the results are announced within 3 month’s time.
Examination Fee$15

Awards and Prizes

For Grade 2-8: Globally, top 3 students will be awarded with Achiever’s Trophy and Merit Certificate.


Sample Papers

Exam link
Spell Bee Competition (Summer) for class 6 Link
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