Grade 2


Grade 2 International Spell Bee competition


Class 2 Spell Bee is open to all students who are studying in grade 2 in any school across the globe.


The type of questions we are asking in International Spell Bee competition will force the students

  • To think deeper for the answers and thus exposing the practical knowledge of the students. In fact they can improve their practical knowledge.
  • Will build competitive spirit among the students so that students always try to achieve better not only with in this but also in their life.
  • Embrace the power of digital technology for writing exams from their base. 
  • Will build a foundation for different competitive exams.
  • Encourage students to go for practical knowledge in Olympiads rather than routine learning.

How to Participate

Students can participate in the competition by registering themselves individually or through School registration in the link here.

Students are advised to go through the rules and regulations before applying.


About 80% of questions will come from the word list below.

Animals: buffalo, cheetah, chimpanzee, giraffe, gorilla, hare, hippopotamus, jaguar, kangaroo, leopard, pony, squirrel

Birds: canary, hornbill, hummingbird, kingfisher, kiwi, magpie, ostrich, robin, vulture, woodpecker

Insects: ant, beetle, butterfly, caterpillar, cockroach, grasshopper, honeybee, housefly, spider, worm

Animals – Homes, Young Ones, Sound: bear-growl, cow-moo, dog-bark, donkey-bray, duck-quack, elephant-trumpet, fox-cub, goat-bleat, horse-neigh, horse-stable, lion-cave, monkey-infant, mouse-squeak, owl-owlet, pig-grunt, sheep-lamb, sheep-shed

Body Parts: calf, claw, elbow, eyebrow, eyelash, foot, forehead, heel, jaw, nostril, ribs, shoulder, stomach, toe, wings

Relationships: classmate, cousin, daughter, family, grandchild, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, grandson, husband

Food Items: burger, cabbage, cereal, cookie, cupcake, honey, pumpkin, spice, wheat

Trees/Plants/Flowers/Fruits: blueberry, cauliflower, daisy, grapes, jasmine, peach, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, sunflower, tulip

Clothing: gloves, jacket, scarf, skirt, stockings, sweater, trousers, uniform 

Everyday Items: basket, bench, bicycle, box, breakfast, brick, brush, bucket, building, carpet, carriage, chain, eraser, loaf, packet, picture, plank, prize, quilt, skate, spade, stack, stamp, tram, water

Our Environment: church, circus, clown, court, crew, field, frost, game, garden, ground, lawn, magic, market, morning, park, place, prisoner, river, scrap, sea, shade, shadow, shape, shell, shower, smoke, space, splash, stone, string, thorn, track, window, yard

Adjectives: absolute, accurate, alone, alone, another, awake, awake, aware, awful, bald, bare, blind, blunt, boiled, bored, bright, broad, bulky, careful, caring, central, certain, clean, clever, curious, dark, delighted, difficult, dirty, drowsy, eager, early, elastic, excited, fair, fair, familiar, famous, filthy, firm, flexible, fried, friendly, frigid, gentle, giant, gloomy, greedy, grey, happy, harmless, jolly, keen, kind, large, lazy, mad, maritime, moist, nervous, playful, plump, pretty, queer, quiet, sacred, sad, scared, second, secret, secure, serious, sick, simple, smooth, sour, steady, thick, tough, tropical, weakness, wealthy, wise, worst

Preposition/Adverbs: always, behind, below, everywhere, from, inside, into, outside, quite, soon, then, there, through, until, upstairs, with, yesterday

Verbs: absent, accept, achieve, admire, admit, appear, argue, arouse, arrive, bail, bake, begin, bleach, blow, bounce, burst, carry, chase, chew, chirp, claim, classify, combine, compare, count, crash, decide, discover, dive, dive, double, draw, drive, drive, enter, erase, escape, estimate, exit, finish, float, found, freeze, gather, grasp, grunt, guess, hear, help, hide, hope, invent, invite, join, leap, leave, like, live, make , march, meet, mend, mend, mention, observe, pass, please, poke, predict, prefer, publish, push, record, recover, reflect, repair, require, rip, search, separate, settle, shiver, slid, steer, straighten , support, travel, tremble, wonder, worry

Synonyms: enormous- large, forgive- excuse, crash-smash, gentle-pleasant, giant-large, grow-cultivate, ill-sick, jog-run, listen-hear, little-small, lucky- fortunate, neat-tidy, puzzle-riddle, sack-bag, stout-fat, true-right, wise-clever, wonder-amaze

Antonyms: dull- bright, stiff- flexible, begin-finish, care-ignore, create-destroy, dream-reality, last-first, lazy-lively, noise-quiet, remember- forget, right-wrong, sell-buy, separate-combine, short-long, sour-sweet, start-stop, thick-thin

Double Letter Words: across, between, book, bottle, broom, bubble, cheer, cottage, creek, dinner, floor, fuss, kennel, nineteen, queen, success, village, weed

Nouns: ability, access, accuracy, ache, acquire, addition, address, admission, advance, agent, argument, bachelor, backpack, backyard, bacteria, bakery, balance, bangle, banjo, barrier, baseball, bazaar, bean, bee, beggar, benefit, blade, border, bread, bundle, canteen, capsule, cargo, cartoon, cause, cement, channel, cloud, clown, component, connection, cooperation, crack, crocodile, cushion, cycle, design, detail, diagram, difference, dispute, document, doorbell, doubt, dozen, dress, effect, effort, electricity, elevator, enemy, energy, episode, evening, excitement, exercise, faith, feast, flight, flock, flood, flute, friend, fur, furniture, galaxy, garment, ginger, grain, gravity, grease, groom, hardware, idea, income, insect, instrument, laughter, laundry, leadership, licence, luxury, magician, magnet, manager, marvel, matter, message, midnight, mischief, motor, mountain, notice, number, ocean, opinion, paw, peak, pigeon, planet, proof, puzzle, queue, reality, reflection, revise, rocket, rule, scent, scholar, science, scientist, seesaw, shelter, skill, sleet, soil, spring, sprout, stallion, stamp, stomach, straw, stream, subtraction, surfing, sword, talent, team, telescope, tower, treasure, truth, tunnel, twelve, universe, vegetarian, vehicle, village, warmth, washroom, wizard, wonder, yard

Miscellaneous: acceptable, across, again, airplane, already, among, another, available, backpack, below, birthday, camping, daybreak, eighth, elbow, many, neither, slight, some, upstairs, watchful

Dates and fee 

Last Date for Registration17th March 2024 for 31st March Exam date and 1st April 2024 for 15th April Exam date
Date of Mock Test 20th March 2024 00:01AM to 14th April 2024 11:00PM. A Mock test will be available between these dates for students to attempt, students can start anytime between these dates, but once started exam will end in its pescribed time limit of 1 hr.
Time of ExamExam will be available for 24hrs on 31st March and 15th April (whichever date student opted), students can start anytime between those 24hrs, but once started exam will end in its pescribed time limit of 1 hr.
Date of Final Exam (Option 1)31st March 2024
Date of Final Exam (Option 2)15th April 2024
Date of resultsGenerally, the results are announced within 3 month’s time.
Examination Fee$15

Awards and Prizes

For Grade 2-8: Globally, top 3 students will be awarded with Achiever’s Trophy and Merit Certificate.

Sample Papers

Exam link
Spell Bee Competition (Summer) for class 2 Link
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