At International Spell Bee Foundation, we value innovation and incorporate it into our exams. If you’re tired of the same old questions in Spell Bee’s, you’ve come to the right place. Our exams challenge students to think creatively and apply their knowledge of fundamental concepts. By participating in International Spell Bee Olympiad, your child will not only develop valuable spelling skills, but also lay  the foundation for future competitive exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT etc..

  1. We prefer Online mode.
  2. We provide flexibility to students in selecting the slot of the examination.
  3. Entire focus is on Conceptual thinking.
  4. We already forgot the Routine learning and we encourage the people to do the same.
  5. Allow the students to go individually or through the school preparation.
  6. Thus benefiting the students, whose studying school is not registered with us.
  7. We provide complimentary practice exams, thus allowing the students to get used to the type of questions asked in the examination

Last Date For Registration
1st October, 2024 and
16th October, 2024

Calling all for bright future

Additional Information 

Exam Dates:
15th October 2024
25th October 2024

Time: Exam will be available for 24hrs on 15th October and 25th October (whichever date student opted), students can start anytime between those 24hrs, but once started exam will end in its pescribed time limit of 1 hr.
Duration: 60 Minutes
The exam consists of two sections:
1. Section-1: Spell Bee 
2. Section-2: Audio Round 
Mode of registration: Individually and through schools. 

Last Date of Registration: 1st October 2024 for 15th October Exam date and 16th October 2024 for 25th October Exam date
Result: Generally, the results are announced within 3 month’s time of Last Exam Date
Eligibility: For Students of Grade 1-8
Exam Fee: US$ 15
Mode of Exam: Online
Monitoring: Online proctored Exam
Number of Questions:
Grade 1 – 2: 40 Questions
Grade 3 – 4: 60 Questions
Grade 5 – 6: 80 Questions
Grade 7 – 8: 80 Questions

Study Material: There is no need to buy expensive books or study materials, all spellings will be coming from existing academic curriculum/books of the students. Plz closely follow the word list given on syllabus page in website. Sample paper is also available on website. Plus we offer a mock test to students as well to get a better understanding of the exam.

Date of Mock Test: 1st October 2024 00:01AM to 14th October 2024 11:00PM. A Mock test will be available between these dates for students to attempt, students can start anytime between these dates, but once started exam will end in its pescribed time limit of 1 hr.

How the Exam will be Monitored: Remember this is an AI Proctored exam, System will automatically terminate exam if unusual behavior is found.

What is unusual behavior in Exam?
Minimizing the browser. Resizing the browser. Opening a new tab. Opening a new program. Taking a screenshot. (Desktop). Pressing Ctrl + C. Pressing Ctrl + V. Pressing Print Screen. Pressing F12. Less visibility in the room. Face not clearly visible. Candidate left the seat. Side face found. Another person found. Mobile phone found. Other objects found such as book, paper, pen, water bottle, glass etc.

Type of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) + Audio Based Questions(both in MCQ and Fill in the blanks form)

Objectives-type test that the students need to complete in 60 minutes The dictionary which will be used for reference is Oxford Learner’s Dictionary. This will be w.r.t. spellings & meanings. In case, if the word is not found in this dictionary, then it is assumed that this word does not exist.

How to participate/register for the International Spell Bee Olympiad?
Method 1. Registration done directly by Parents individually for each student. For this, plz click on the ‘Register Now’ button above to pay and Register.

You need to pay US$15 per student. Once paid you will be redirected to a form, where you can upload all student details and opt for exam date 15th October/25th October as per your choice. You will also create a password here, which will be required to login in your exam panel. As soon as you will register, you will get a welcome email from us, where you will get further details as well.

In the form students need to upload school i-card, if they dont have it they can also use school fee receipt clearly showing their name and grade/passport (1st page)/Birth Certificate/Residency Proof/Local-id etc..

Their is also a column ‘Payment/Transaction Id’, in this column students will fill the transaction id they received on their receipt they got over their email when they made the payment. This Receipt has been sent by the payment gateway ‘Stripe’.

Method 2. School can send bulk entry for all students by downloading and filling their details in an excel file available on ‘Bulk Registration for School’ button above, and email it back to: contact@internationalspellbee.com. A combined payment link for all the students will be shared to school, which they can use to pay for all students in a single click. Fee is $13 if their are more than 100 Students, else below 100 its $15.

Once the form is filled students will get a confirmation email and their account will be created. However their Username will not be active, they will be able to access it after 24hrs, post verification. Till then if they try to login, it will show ‘username not found’

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Useful Resources

Resources to help your child get excited about words.

Check out the Bee’s own resources for students that will help them learn their spelling bee study words.

  • Catch The Spelling is a series of games specifically geared towards English Language Learners.
  • The Alpha-Bot game. It’s a nice game where you first listen to the word spoken and then have to find the correct letters to spell it.
  • Word Sort is from Houghton Mifflin. In addition to providing audio, it has the added feature of challenging students to look for word patterns. However, the words are not used in sentences.
  • The Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee. You don’t have to register to play, and it automatically adapts to your spelling ability.
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